Teton Gravity Research Presents “Flying High Again”

Posted by Ryan R. on 30 March 2024

In a world where the snowboard corporatocracy prioritizes the next Instagram swipe, Teton Gravity Research and snowboard film pioneer, Mike Hatchett, have defied all odds to bring the community a feature-length shred film. "Flying High Again" celebrates what matters most: a bomber crew, a rowdy soundtrack, and pure, unadulterated riding action. This film stands as the latest addition to TGR's storied legacy of action-adventure stoke and success. Read more

INEXCLUSIVE a film by Elias Elhardt

Posted by Ryan R. on 9 March 2024

INEXCLUSIVE - A short snowboard film highlighting resort riding at boutique mountains Read more

We Are Losers 2 - A Lobster Snowboards Team Movie

Posted by Ryan R. on 3 March 2024

Step into the thrilling world of "We Are Losers 2," a cinematic masterpiece that pays homage to the resilient souls who embrace the beauty of failure and the audacious dreamers reveling in the joy of their pursuits. This legendary Lobster Snowboard team movie showcases a roster of extraordinary individuals, including Halldor Helgason, Eiki Helgason, Hrund "Hundi" Hanna, Fritdjof "Fridge" Tischendorf, Sparrow Knox, Frank Bourgeois, Birkir "Bucky" Georgsson and Juho Laine for a creative full length evenly fimed in the streets and backcountry Read more

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