INEXCLUSIVE a film by Elias Elhardt

INEXCLUSIVE - A short snowboard film highlighting resort riding at boutique mountains

The predominant hurdle for a day of snowboarding often boils down to the prohibitive cost of lift tickets. Elias Elhardt and Jason Robinson experienced this firsthand at the renowned Jackson Hole Mountain resort. Despite its remarkable terrain and ideal snow conditions for their film project, they encountered issues such as steep lift ticket prices, long queues, and an atmosphere catering mainly to exclusive tourists. In response, they opted to explore the nearby "Snow King Resort," just 10 miles away in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

At Snow King Resort, they discovered a welcoming mountain community where individuals of all ages, whether engaging in touring, ski racing, bobsledding, or simply hanging out, came together to enjoy their afternoons. This locale provided an ideal setting for Elhardt and Robinson to indulge in their passion—playfully navigating the diverse terrain it offered.

While Snow King Resort's ticket prices weren't extraordinarily low, they still proved to be nearly two-thirds cheaper than those at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, which had skyrocketed to $245 per day.

Through their film, Elias Elhardt aims to highlight the growing exclusivity within the sport, particularly in large resorts globally. Simultaneously, he pays homage to the local mountain operations, emphasizing that smaller resorts can serve as accessible gateways for many to embrace snowboarding and regularly share experiences with their local community.

Riders: Elias Elhardt, Jason Robinson

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