Posted by Ryan R. on 11 October 2023

It's rare that a snowboarder in their 50's gets their own signature snowboard. Kenji "Andy" Ando is one of those rare individuals who keeps getting better with age, whether its snowboarding, skateboarding, biking or fishing. All of which he always approaches with sincerity. His smooth turns and style, created by his settings and skills continue to inspire snowboarders.

RIDE has officially released his signature model in collaboration with the artist DAYZE, which offers stellar artwork on his favorite board - The Warpig!

Kenji enthusiastically states, "This dream came true at the age of 50. I've been snowboarding for about 30 years, and now I could have my signature board based on the WARPIG, which is the most amazing board I've ever ridden. The graphics were drawn by Ryosuke from Dayze, who I had wanted to have drawn for a long time, and who expressed my image. If you work hard and have fun then keep riding, you can still get a signature board when you are 50 years old. This is also a message to the young people of today. I'm really happy and grateful that I was able to leave it in a shape. It's great to imagine you all riding on this board in the resorts all over the country."

Get stoked on his official video below and head to RIDE's site to cop this limited edition release.

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